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Transfer Tanks: Water Transfer Tanks
Plastic Transfer Tanks for liquids have in most cases replaced fiberglass or metal transfer tanks. This is true for almost all liquids with the exception of diesel and gasoline.
While plastic liquid transfer tanks come in many shapes and sizes, the most popular shape is the Horizontal Leg Tank. These tanks are long and relatively low in shape. They can be fastened to a trailer or the bed of a truck with metal bands or straps that are available through us.
These transfer tanks are most often used to transport water and also to transport chemicals. It should be noted that these tanks are not DOT approved so any application such as the movement of hazardous chemicals may not be appropriate. Check with the Federal and State Department of Transportation for details.
Most of our plastic liquid transfer tanks are made from Polyethylene. This is usually the most cost efficient plastic to use. If, however, you need special chemical resistance or will be storing liquids at high temperatures, we also produce these tanks from polypropylene, pvdf (Kynar) and Halar.