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DEF Storage Tanks
DEF - Diesel Emission Fluid Tanks

Polyethylene plastic tanks are a perfect choice when you need DEF storage tanks for either bulk storage or for the customer site.  High Density Polyethylene is rated as an excellent storage material for DEF and urea.

Check our selection of tanks to see which size and shape meets your needs.  You can select from virtually any tank on our site with the exception of "Water Only" tanks.

DEF tanks can have fittings made from Polypropylene, PVC or 316 Stainless Steel.   We can work with any of those and can offer our suggestions based on the type of installation you are doing.   Gaskets can be either EPDM or Viton.

We make single wall and double wall tanks for DEF depending on your specific needs. Contact us about our DEF storage tanks.