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Car Wash Plastic Tanks are usually tall, narrow, vertical tanks. Because space is at a premium in most car wash applications, taller, narrower tanks are chosen since they maximize tank capacity while minimizing the footprint of the car wash tanks. Tanks for Car Wash applications need to work in an environment in which metal tanks would eventually rust and fail. This falls right into a strength of plastic tanks because they stand up well in wet environments with harsh chemicals.
We have a wide variety of tanks that are suitable for use in Car Wash and Truck Wash applications. The tanks are made from High Density Polyethylene and are Industrial Grade in quality. Our tanks are produced with Rotational Molding which makes tanks that are seamless and produce without pressure faults or welds that could fail.
Plastic tanks are favored for Car Wash applications because they require little or no maintenance and are reasonably priced. Plastic tanks also have excellent chemical resistance.