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Chemical Storage Tanks: Plastic Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks are our biggest tank category. Our standard plastic storage tanks are produced at 1.9 specific gravity in order to excel at chemical storage. We mold our tanks from virgin High Density Polyethylene that is perfectly suited for the storage of most chemicals. When there is an application that requires specific characteristics such as very high temperature, we can produce tanks from other plastics (like PVDF) that will meet the specific requirements.

Whether your Chemical Storage Tank needs involve a small day tank, a larger nurse tank or a very large bulk storage tank, the chemical storage tanks from Bailiff Enterprises can satisfy your needs. View our selection of sizes and shapes by selected links under 'Products' on the left side menu.

We can modify our chemical storage tanks as needed. We will completely outfit your tanks with fittings, custom fabrication elements, insulation or heating jackets. We will also mold tanks on request to higher specific gravity specifications if you desire. We also have a variety of secondary containment options available including completely encapsulated containment, double wall containment tanks and open containment trays and tubs.  For an instant quote on a double wall chemical storage tank, click here.. 

For information about specific applications or for a quote, please contact us.