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Industrial Storage Tanks


We specialize in Industrial Storage Tanks made from polyethylene (HDPE and XLPE), polypropylene and PVDF (Kynar®) plastics.  Our tanks are rotationally molded in one piece.  Our technicians add the kind of fittings you want and put them where you want them.  We supply dual wall industrial storage tanks up to 10,000 gallons in capacity and single wall tanks up to 15,000 gallons in capacity.  Features such as Heat Tracing and insulation are common on our industrial tanks.  Our tanks are commonly used for applications such as: sufuric acid, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, soaps and detergents, motor oil and water.


Our standard industrial tanks are rated to 1.9 specific gravity. We do have some lighter weights available but 1.9 SG is recommended for harsh chemicals and longer tank life. For special applications, we can supply tanks up to 2.3 specific gravity.

We also mold industrial storage tanks from Polypropylene and PVDF (Kynar) for higher temperature applications.  Depending on the application, our Polyprolylene Tanks may operate at temperatures up to 200 F.   Our PVDF (Kynar®) Tanks can operate at temperatures approaching 300 F.