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Gasket Material

When fittings are installed on polyethylene plastic storage tanks, a gasket is almost always required to insure against leaks. Gaskets are made from several different materials and the decision to use one kind over another is based on the chemical resistance properties of the substance that will be stored in the tank.

The following table is based on recommendations from gasket companies. It is provided for your convenience only. Bailiff Enterprises makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the correctness of this information. Contact us directly for specific application recommendations.

Properties PropertyNitrile
Tensile Strength Fair-Good Good-Excellent Good-Excellent
Electrical Properties Poor Excellent Good
Weather Resistance Good Excellent Good
Ozone Resistance Fair Excellent Excellent
Heat Resistance Good (225ºF) Excellent (275ºF) Excellent (400ºF)
Cold Resistance Fair-Good (-40ºF) Good-Excellent (-55ºF) Good (-20ºF)
Steam Resistance Good Good Good
Tear Resistance Good Good Fair
Abrasion Resistance Good Good-Excellent Good
Acid Resistance Good Good-Excellent Good
Petroleum Oil Excellent Poor Excellent
Flame Resistance Poor Poor Good
Vegetable Oil Good Good (Most) Excellent