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Fire Water Tank
Fire Water Tank - 5,000 gallon

Placing Fire Water Tanks in strategic locations allows Fire Departments to have rapid response water supplies in areas that do not have hydrants. Using polyethylene tanks for Fire Water storage makes sense because the tanks are reliable, come in a variety of sizes and colors and are reasonably priced.

We offer Fire Water Storage Tanks equipped with Fire Department Connections (FDC) in 10,000 gallon, 5,000 gallon and 3,000 gallon sizes. These Fire Water Tanks are made from high density polyethylene. These Fire Water Storage Tanks are normally produced in Forest Green or Black since both colors do an excellent job of blocking Ultra Violet rays that cause algae growth.

Each Fire Water Storage tank has a 16" lid, 4" screened u-vent, 4-1/2" Fire Department Connection, 2-1/2" Fire Department Connection and 1" Sight Tube. Each FDC is equipped with a polypropylene ball valve to open or close the flow of water through that connection. Size and selection of fittings may be adjusted based on your preferences or needs.